October 13, 2013

Sukku Kali/Dry Ginger halwa

Sukku Kali ,this is usually given for new mothers ,this is good for everybody too.I thought it was very difficult to make,so i tried in small portion.This was simple to make,but it needs quite a stirring ,sure can use another hand.

Important thing,they cannot be prepared and eaten is same day.It should be left overnight and had next morning empty stomach.Generally they say not to have plenty of water.

Karuppati we dont need syrup consistency.It is enough if it just dissolved as we are cooking it again.

Usually these use grated coconut,as kids will not like the bits ,i used coconut milk .It turned out fantastic more like halwa. You can be quite generous with gingelly oil.

It yields very little about 100g ,u can increase or decrease the karupatti as per your liking.

  1. Sukku - 2 nos,soak it overnight
  2. Raw rice- 2 tbsp,soak it , 2 hrs
  3. Elachi- 2 nos
  4. Gingelly oil- 3 tbsp
  5. Palm Jaggery/Karupatti- 1/2cup
  6. Coconut milk/ Shredded coconut-1/4 cup

  1. Soak the rice and sukku(dry ginger) over night in hot water.
  2. Take the karupatti ,break into small bits and 1/4 cup of water and heat it.Allow it to boil till all the karupati has immersed.We dont need any string consistency.Strain and keep it.
  3. Grind sukku,rice ,elachi into smooth paste using the soaked water.
  4. Add oil in a heavy bottomed vessel add the ground paste .Keep stirring , let it cook and oil should separate.It should take 10min.
  5. While stirring it will stick to the sides,its alright.
  6. When it is cooked ,add the coconut milk/grated coconut ,it should mix well with the cooked paste.
  7. After 3min add the Karuppati and stir that it mixes well to the cooked paste.Cook for 5min.Dont leave it for long as it might become hard.
  8. Leave it for a day and serve it next morning.
There are also other kali which is made,i shall post them sometime.


  1. Hi Meena,
    Hope u are doing good.
    Kali looks yummy.Ginger dishes are ideal to get some warmth on these chili days.

  2. Welcome back Meena, after a long time, glad your back....
    Very authentic and healthy kali, I rememeber my mom making it.... u have made it nicely...

  3. thank you very much priya for those lovely words.

  4. Wat a fantastic kali, had it long back..my grandma makes this kali very much prefectly, authentic dish.

  5. Halwa with dry ginger . Really new to me ..
    but it looks super tempting ..

  6. I know what is sukku but I don't know about this kali. After reading through your intro, I gather what it is about. I must say its very tempting in appearance.

  7. hv been wondering where u were!!...a totally new recipe for me..would love to try once winter starts setting in here

  8. love this combination of ginger and making halwa out of it. perfect for our winter.

  9. This sounds so similar to something my Mum used to make during winters. Would love to try your version.

  10. Kali looks delicious Meena . Never had this before

  11. This is totally new to me.. Looks wonderful.. Great post Meena :-)

  12. Ginger halwa looks delicious love it.

  13. tis is awesome recipe.. never heard abt it.. hv jus heard abt sukku kashayam.. bokmarked..

  14. looks authentic and delicious...